$100 Dollar Company

As most of you know I have always wanted to start a company. I have done various freelance work and projects, but never jumped in and worked full time for myself.

I was thinking about how most of the ideas I have been building require little to now start up. Most of my “projects/companies” deal with a website or some software. There is little to no overhead, but the most expensive part of it, is time.

Carolynn Duncan started a business this month with $100 dollars and a goal of making $100 profit by the end of the month. Her “store front” will be a kiosk at the mall in Provo, UT where she will be selling bundt cakes, sign babies, and princess sweet items. She has spent a recent semester of entrepreneurship lectures at BYU learning various business practices, which she plans to implement 10 of within this company. She also plans continue the Hundread Dollar Business in January.

It’s a blogging story like this that makes me think, maybe I should jump on the American Dream and start something.


  1. Hey John!

    Thanks for the mention. I didn’t find your post until now, so I would have said hi earlier!

    You should definitely start something. Maybe you can begin The $50 Dollar Business movement. ;)

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