Monthly Archives: December 2006

Happy Holidays

Well, I have been busy traveling and RELAXING! I am currently down in sunny (not all the time) Scottsdale, AZ. I hope you and your family have had/having a great holiday season. I will be back posting more around January 3rd. Check back then and enjoy your new years!

Ruby Weekend

With all the hype with Ruby on Rails (RoR), I have decided to dive in and start development. I did a bunch of reading online and at Barnes & Nobel. I finally decided to pickup Beginning Ruby on Rails because I need to learn ruby syntax and the style the book was written. I setup […]

Time What?

What has happen with the time… parites! All this week I have been from one company party to a friends company party to… just a “party” at a bar. Anyway, I will try and post up some of the links I have found useful and enjoyed this past week. Most of them are in my […]

Wine 2.0

Well I have always had an interest in wine. From how it is processed from grapes to various vineyards around the world. About a month ago I had a thought of building either a wine blog or wine site that you can discuss various wines, reviews, etc. I know when I goto the store its […]

Another Idea Gone…

Well, after another night of hrm, another idea of mine becoming a product. I have books, napkins, 3×5 index cards full of ideas. Each one of them, good enough to get started, yet 6 months, 1 year, even 2 … it becomes a product, time and time again. Today I came across the WildCharge on […]

TP Dispenser

Do-it-yourself projects are always fun and exciting. Over the years I have built various DIY projects. Some of them have been simple and easy where others require a lot more time. This past week more and more projects have been poping up that have been calling my name. Today I came across a posting on […]

$100 Dollar Company

As most of you know I have always wanted to start a company. I have done various freelance work and projects, but never jumped in and worked full time for myself. I was thinking about how most of the ideas I have been building require little to now start up. Most of my “projects/companies” deal […]

Idle Computer?

This morning I saw a link in a friend’s account to CPUShare. CPUShare is a research project that creates a low cost worldwide supercomputer. CPUShare allows users to buy and sell CPU usage using GNU LGPL licensed software and paypal. I have not tested this yet, but it sounds amazing, get paid for letting […]

Pranksters @ Micro$oft

Niall Kennedy, a former Microsoft employee, was mad that his former employeer was linking images directly to his flickr account. So he decided to change the picture, to a bit more … provacative image. via Security Watch Update: Niall Kennedy writes all about it on his blog

Apple Rumors are All Over the Net Today!

Well, talk of the town is that Apple will be droping a 12in macbook pro. This past weekend Kevin Rose discussed on diggnation that Apple will be dropping an iPhone. The phone will be: – Available to all cellular providers – Contains 2 batteries, 1 for phone and 1 for iPod Usage – Pricing should […]