Monthly Archives: January 2007

Free Power – the upfront cost?

UPDATE: I have a dedicated blog for all my green/environment posts: check it out at For my entire life I always thought solar panels were such a great idea. Solar panels convert light into energy. During my “time” at Vermont, I meet many people what had installed solar hot water heaters or discussed projects […]

From Idea to Prototype

The problem with ideas is it takes forever and a day to build and then if you want to launch, hope you get to the market before someone has built it/sold it and offer refurbs of them. Following up my blog about the iPhone, I wanted to blog about Mophie, who make iPod accessories. The […]

Cost of a College Student

Thinking back on my “college” years (less then a year ago), I remember how much Books cost and how I hardly used them. I know it was not until second semester sophomore year that I bought a textbook online. Most of the books for my classes had like a billion editions and knowing you need […]

Get Paid to Play Games or Teach Them?

I am in the process of forming my own consulting company and looking for small and large jobs. I normally spend a couple of minutes a day quickly going through cragislist for Computer Gigs. Today I came across 2 that took me off guard. I saw some student from Columbia wanting to pay $30 for […]

Get an iPhone Today!

Don’t want to wait 6 months? If you have a windows mobile device, like a MDA, which I have. You can download the images from hanmin and setup the skin. I have not dont this yet, but hope to have time Monday. I will let you know how this goes and post some screenshots of […]

iPhone or iFlop

The real iPhone images have posted, Steve has given his keynote, and the Apple bubble has …. burst! At first I was like everyone, WOW an iPhone, FINALLY! Its stylish, thin, very colorful, but lacks… functionality. I am the first to admit, running a shell os x and safari is awesome, but no 3g, removable […]

Star Spotting

Working in New York City, you get to spot stars. Today, on my way to lunch, I spotted Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (the Olsen Twins). They look like stick figures and need to eat something. The spotting happened so quickly that I was not sure it was them, so I turned around and saw them […]

Another Idea Gone, but is it the Last?

It seems every day more and more ideas I have written down and have researched are coming true. The latest of them is a radar detector. I know most people think, radar detector, how can that be your idea. Well, there are databases on line of “common” police traps, from speed to cameras on traffic […]