Monthly Archives: February 2007

Life tips for the Workaholic

Since I have been looking to take more risk, I also wanted to point out that the risk should be an educated risk. Paul over at Everday Success Tips posted some great write ups to help you take control of your busy life. End Procrastination, one of my habits!!! This post discussed Mark Foster and […]

East Coast Blogging

East Coast Blogging is an attempt to connect the blogosphere of east coast bloggers and create a mesh-up between us. I was recently linked from East Coast Blogging which discussed the idea that Boston would be the next Silicon Valley. I recently posted how New York City was going to be the next Silicon Valley […]

Taking more Risk?

As a recent college graduate and entrepreneur at heart I feel that I need to take a bit more risk in life. Yesterday John Chow (Great blog by the way!) posted a review of Matt’s website, Take More, part of the ReviewMe 50% off promo. Matt is a 23 year old web designer (like […]

Pitch to Win!

All the cool kids over at Stamford are celebrating Entrepreneurship Week USA. If you are between the age of 18 and 25, you can enter the pitch contest. Basically the pitch is submitting a 2 minute video answer the following question: What product or service would you offer to help reduce America’s dependency on oil […]

Nomad Thinking, LLC

Well its official, I have formed a Company and plan to start taking over the world making money. I have filed all the paper work and even have a Nomad Thinking Website. I am planning on using this company for web development/design/etc. The other goal of this company is to start building and producing some […]

Free Solar Power for your House!

UPDATE: I have a dedicated blog for all my green/environment posts: check it out at I think everyone and their grandmother is thinking green. With all this talk of global warming and CO2 emissions, you would expect solar power to be the next hot topic. I previous posted about some solar panel kits that […]

Gotham Ruby Conference

For those who don’t know the Gotham Ruby Conference is a one day event taking place April 21st at the Google’s office in Manhattan. This event will be limited to 120 people. Tickets are $100 each. GoRuCo is a joint effort by volunteers from NYC.rb and New Haven Ruby Brigade. I have already bought my […]

Social Browsing the Next Step? for those who don’t know is a social bookmarking website. You can save all your bookmarks to and also tag various websites/blogs/content to other users. (notice my feed on the right of my website) I HIGHLY encourage you use it, so please tag articles for:jmurch and I will check them out. You […]

Lunch Funny

Since I am a newsjunkie at heart and always reading some weird, funny or odd story I figured I would post up some. As many “Faithful” people know last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday the start of lent. A church in New Mexico got a bit more then a time to give up something. CNN reports […]

Who are my visitors?

I have spent some time going through Google Analytics trying to figure out who visits my blog/website/etc. I found some “interesting” results that I am hoping for some comments. Notice the last one (10. Apple Computer), I was SHOCKED! I guess my audience is growing more then I thought. Has this happened to you? Comment […]