Monthly Archives: April 2007

The Aftermath of GoRuCo

GoRuCo was the largest gathering of Ruby developers on the east coast! The event was awesome and took place at Google NYC. I want to personally thank Google for letting us use the space and provide the free food/drinks/etc. The venue was amazing and had a variety of speakers. The event was liveblogged by Bryan […]

The power of a 3TB NAS!

Well 2.25 terabytes after raid 5, but whos counting. I just ordered a Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ and 4 Seagate 750 GB SATA drives to build my Network Area Storage (NAS). I have a lot of data from web development, video, pictures, etc. I have been trying to store/backup all my data to 1 computer but […]

Goruco this Weekend!

Its almost here, Goruco aka Gotham Ruby Conference will be held this saturday, April 21, 2007, at the Google Office in New York City. The tickets to this event sold out pretty quickly and had a long long waiting list. I was able to get my tickets early on, since I knew when they would […]

Project Release Date

So I have decided to release at least 1 project on April 22nd. I will be posting links and hopefully driving some traffic to the site. I am keeping it a bit hush hush for now, trying to create a “buzz” on my blog (Ha!). Does anyone know why April 22nd is a special day? […]

No Go for Y Combinator

Well, its a no go for ycombinator, but another company is interested in the idea. Applying for the “funding” was more of a last second decision then a planned one. I am pretty sure the reason we got rejected was the time frame in building our project and not everyone in our group was going […]

Building a better Bookcase

Yesterday I came across a cool looking bookcase that has its own cave. After seeing the awesome pictures I was wondering if I could pick one up for my next apartment. Well, I then saw the $10,695 price and thought, maybe I could build this. I know antics would want something like this for his […]

Happy Easter!

I hope you are having/had a great easter sunday. I had a nice relaxing sunday with a lot of food and some wii! I even made a quick dinner chees and hame quesadilla with some leftovers. This should be a big week on finding out some plans for the summer as well as planning my […]