Monthly Archives: June 2007

iPhone Hack for SMS

Well, if your like me and hate paying for services that you can have for free here is a great tip. So you have your new iPhone and setup Gmail or other pop/imap email service, but was still wondering if 200 sms(text messages) was enough, have no fear I have the ultimate answer. So most […]

iPhone Updates/Review Part 2

With last nights video blog I got a huge response (at least for me). I check my you tube video this morning with about 207 views. I also received a bunch of questions/comments, I tried to address them in this quick video blog post. (Yes, you can login to MySPACE or Facebook. The iPhone comes […]

iPhone is HERE!

In case you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months, Apple has FINALLY released the iPhone. I waited in line and picked up a 8gb iPhone and wanted to do a short videoblog about it. I am thinking about doing more with video and photos on this blog and wanted to […]

Blogging as a Living

As most of you know I am blogging on two blogs now, John Murch the Self Proclaimed Geek Guru and Hippy Green. I do most of the blogging in hopes of these blogs getting my thoughts out to other people and allowing for discussion with people I would never meet. I find it fun as […]

Mophie Bevy the MUST have for any Geek Guru

So you have an iPod shuffle and its summer, what else do you need? Some beer and a beer bottle opener. Well the Mophie Bevy may not come with a beer, but it can surely open one. Yes the Mophie Bevy is a iPod Shuffle case, head phones cord wrap, keychain, and a bottle opener! […]

Travel from Hell

To continue my $&@Q*#$ you to TSA, I decided to write a play by play or rather a twitter blog post of what’s happening. So right now I am suppose to be at my “final destination” and possibly already working! Basically I was flying Continental Airlines from Newark, NJ to Burlington, VT. I have done […]


I am frequent traveler who does NOT like to check luggage. Checking luggage at and airport and waiting to pick it up takes a lot of time, which I do not have. It even drives me nuts when I have to “gate check” luggage. Anyway, I am FORCED to remove my shoes every time I […]

New Template, Very Nice!

Okay, So I had a bit of fun this weekend and also have been meaning to update the template. The last revision of safari broke some of my code and well yea. Anyway, the new template is up and has been hacked apart. (I think it even validates … Please comment if theres any issues! […]

The Geek Guru Book Club

Since I have been reading a lot (almost a new book a week!) I decided to build a Geek Guru Book Club. Hey if Oprah can do it, so can I! I have only started to post my most recent reads and hope you have either enjoyed reading them or check them out if you […]