Monthly Archives: July 2007

Moving to Arizona and Going Green

This past weekend I finally made a commitment that will change my life. I will be moving out to sunny Arizona (Phoenix Area specifically). This weekend I pre-purchased a 2007 Blue Toyota Prius. So not only am I going Green, but I am moving cross country! I see a huge opportunity here in the Phoenix […]

aideRSS Goes Live

Well after having a beta account for a couple of days, they went live! You can sign up now for aideRSS. Since I have been thinking about creating my own [insert web 2.0 buzzword] news website I have been very curious at what is coming out of the web 2.0 community that deals with RSS/News/etc. […]

iPhone is NOT for Business People

The iPhone is NOT A PHONE for BUSINESS PEOPLE, its for CONSUMERs who do not do business, or use it for business. Let me explain my most recent discovery. I had a nice short 25 minute call trying to add a FAN (Foundation Account Number) to my AT&T Wireless, Cingular at&t account I found out […]

Technonews junkie lost in time

I will be the firsts to admit that I am a news whore. I love news (well maybe not all news) but the news about cool hacks, user submitted news, and even some of that fake news. Lately I have been DOING what my man Tim Ferriss has suggested in his book The 4-Hour Workweek. […]

Startup Day 1

Well, I started my day out pretty good got my goal accomplished and did my 20% of work ( 80/20 rule read it!) and then traveled into NYC. I meetup with a mentor/old boss who gave me some words of wisdom. I spend the rest of the day discussing ideas/projects with my dad as well […]

Startup Mode

Well the cat is out of the bag and I am no longer with Mophie. It was a great experience working with them and working on illuminator, but I am moving on now. I will now be focusing all my energy towards a true startup. I have plenty of ideas and need to pick one. […]

iPhoneDevCamp Review

Well it has been a busy, busy weekend. As I posted earlier we launched the iphone edition of illumiantor as received some great response. We also learned a lot about the iPhone and some of the problems or downsides of the current implementation of safari on the iPhone. I want to summarize and recap some […]


Well, I am here in sunny San Francisco for the iPhoneDevCamp. If you are attending please try and find me and say hello. I am hoping to meet some great people and learn a lot with helping to develope more cool applications with the iPhone. Oh, and just in case you missed it… Have an […]

Living the Nomadic LIfestyle

As I have posted before, I am the founder of Nomad Thining, LLC, a computer consulting company. The man reason I named it Nomad Thinking was because I feel like I am a nomad (traveling all the time) and because I am always thinking, ha! Traveling is part of life in my mind. I have […]