Monthly Archives: August 2007

Where to Spend and Where to Save After Moving

To continue my post about tips and tricks for moving cross country, I wanted to post up some ideas that I have used on where to spend money to furnish your apartment/house and where to save. Since I am a recent college graduate and uber geek guru I dream of having that 103 in Plasma, […]

The Iron Chef of Woks

Okay, as you know I have recently moved to Arizona and had to pickup some kitchen supplies. Since I try to be a Iron Chef in my free time, I decided to go big on my pots and pans spending about $200 and save some money on silverware and plates. Well while shopping at ikea […]

Some Tips and Tricks for Moving Cross Country

Since I just moved from NJ to AZ I figure I should post up some tips and tricks. First and foremost if you can, THROW OUT EVERYTHING YOU OWN! Okay, maybe not everything, but A LOT! Seriously over the years you obtain stuff and moving it SUCKS, so in the words of SpaceBalls, “take only […]

Where has John Murch Gone?

Well its been a while since my last posting and some people even called me to see if I have been alright. Yes, I am doing well, just been busy and not online. I am doing AMAZING here in sunny Arizona, but have been running around like a mad man getting stuff and setting up […]

34 minutes and 28 seconds a day

That’s how long I am planning to spend on news each day, if not less. (comes to about 4 hours a week) Let me explain how and why. So after reading about scoble reading 622 RSS feeds each morning I have jumped on the bandwagon and started my own. I have about 102 feeds myself […]