Monthly Archives: October 2007

Leopard OS X Review

If you haven’t already please check out my prereview of OS X 10.5. Since Friday, I have picked up Leopard, got a FREE shirt, and started to use/play around with this new OS. So far, I can only say good things about it. I enjoy the new finder and especially enjoy spaces. I find Leopard […]

What happen to Apple in Schools?

Continuing with my previous story about apple in the work place, I have been following the crazy of Apple Computers (sorry, Apple Inc) since the release of OS X. Although I will be the first to say I was a mac hater and never “drank” the apple juice until the launch of the 17in Powerbook. […]

I ffffound it!

Are you a addict like me? What about a flickr addict? Well lets take the best ideas of the both of them and combined them, welcome to ffffound (And thats no typo!) So what exactly is Fffound? Their about states “Ffffound a web service that not only allows the users to post and share […]

PreReview of OS X 10.5

I am VERY excited about this release and hope to cover some of these new features and maybe do another video blog or vlog at some point like I did for the iPhone. Well I watched the apple preview of 10.5 and wrote up some of my thoughts about it. What do you think is […]

Cashflow Addict

Okay, so I was looking at meetup looking for a networking event for tonight and noticed theirs a cave creek cashflow meetup. Well after playing twice and getting out of the rat race once, I just wanted more! So I stopped by and meet some great people. This game was played a bit different, because […]

DIY Whiteboard on the Cheap

Every startup needs or MUST HAVE whiteboards, it’s just how it goes. Whiteboards offer a great way to draw, post reminders, and explain things. I know at college I was always using whiteboards to help explain building websites and/or tech stuff. Installing a DIY whiteboard is a simple project that you could get done TODAY […]