Monthly Archives: December 2007

2008 Goal Page

With 2008 ringing in around the world I figured it was time to start posting up my goal page as well as work on my Open Source Goals Meme to the world. Since it’s the year of the rat I wanted to make more of an emphasis on the fact that I want to get […]

Goal Setting for Next Year

It’s that time of year again, when we make promises to ourselves to improve in some way, shape, or form. Well each year I tend to make some goals to myself and for me, I am living one of them now. I know that it has NOT taken off as much as I would have […]

Some more pimpin links

So its a bit late posting todays links, but hey I got something big to show off in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully it’s worth the wait. Until then, I am sure (like myself) there is something that you need fixed and/or looking for some cool link to show to the family. Well, […]

Pimpin Some Links

Okay, So a while back I posted how I wanted to make $100 day in passive income and was going to be building a web 2.0 news feed here on my blog. Well February is coming up quick and I have seen about a 10% increase but not the 20x increase that I truly need. […]

It’s Friday so you know what that means?

To some this is a Hawaiian T-shirt Friday, to others its the last day of a long week, to the some 150 engineers at Intel, its “Zero E-mail Fridays”. Intel encourages workers to phone or to meet face-to-face with other employees. This idea of talking allows for free-flowing of ideas and communication, rather then sending […]