Monthly Archives: January 2008

Building your Network

So each day you build out/contact your network of people. Since graduation I know I have exploded my network of contacts and people as well as try (when I can) to get 2 people who I have met and look at giving out referrals. These referrals are what business is all about, connecting 2 people […]

Take Action and Start Doing It

So this past weekend I attended a alpha cashflow club relaunch, as you know if you read my blog. It was a great event and had my context expended a couple of times. One thing that I took away that I wanted to stress to my readers (as well as myself!) is this small tip […]

My top 10 WordPress MUST HAVE plugins

So while being a WordPress guru, I have started to create a list of plugins I always use when installing a new wordpress blog. I wanted to create a simple list as well as a link to them, (for my own future reference, as well as for my readers) Feedburner FeedSmith – Do you want […]

Why this move to Solid State Drives

So after posting so who got high on air, I wanted to do a simple post explaining some of the technology as well as some of the “benefits” of Solid State Drives (SSD). So back in the day (like last week, or even the “cheaper model”) we used standard plater hard drives. We have this […]

So who got High on Air?

So, if you have been living in your mom’s basement or without a internet connection, Apple Released their “macbook air a 3lb laptop that has 80gb or a 64GB SSD hard drive option. It’s wick thin and is, what I think, the perfect travel the world computer. Today marks that revolution (or should) in the […]

Increase your Finical Education

The more books I read about investments, technology, and passive income, the more I want to help others get started with this amazing opportunity. Having a large technology background helps when you are trying to build some amazing website that POPs with all these bells and whistles as well as scales for 1,000 users to […]