Monthly Archives: May 2008

10 Simple ways to improve ranking on Google Image Search

Focus on related meta data from the header into the images alt tags and title tags. For our case, each screensaver and wallpaper has it’s own landing page. Focus the image and meta data to contain very similar information to make sure the proper keywords are picked up by the Google Spider. Note: the Google […]


update: Found a couple of bugs, will keep the site up but will be fixing them tomorrow and later this week. I have been wanting to do a redesign for a long, long time. My design skills are “subpart” as you can prolly tell, but plan to make iterations on this design and bring it […]

10 Best User Experience Websites

I have been doing some research into User Experience as well as User Interface for building easy to use websites. Building a site that functions for the basic users as well as advance users is important. You want something that caters to the herd, but also the web developer user type who complains when you […]