Monthly Archives: January 2011

Ideas to Company: Getting Started

So you have an idea for something, maybe not even a novel idea but you just want to generate passive income. How do you get started? Well there are many directions and most of them depend on the idea, but here are a few frameworks/sites that you should keep in mind when getting started. Initial […]

Building for Billions or Failure

I have a LOT of ideas. Way too many to actually build. Maybe that is why I get excited to see someone take that idea and build a great business around it. One that comes to mind is SimpleNoteApp. These guys solved the problem of wanting a synced document on my computer, phone, and web. […]

Creating an Ultralight Business

So you have an idea or just want to create another income stream. You could spend weeks, months, or even years planning and building your business or you could spend 1 weekend and turn that idea into something that could generate revenue. Maybe not enough revenue to retire, but some beer money for the week. […]

Startup Runway

Everyone has ideas. Some actually execute those ideas and build companies, but the reason why so many idea’s dont’ get started or companies fail is due to cash. Your investment or capital minus burn rate gives you a startup runway. How long is your runway? 1 month, 2 years? Most developers can now build and […]

How Fast Can You Pivot as a Business?

There has been a lot of startups that pivoted and now they are a billion dollar business. Cough, cough, Groupon cough. This is just one success but there are many failures that are happening that tried to pivot and failed. For this example, think about larger businesses. Big companies like GM who try and pivot […]

VC Inception

The movie Inception came out on DVD and I highly recommend watching it. I netflixed it and I was blown away (again) by the movie (so awesome!). I saw it in the theaters a while back and also late at night and it was really exciting to try and focus that night and next morning […]