Monthly Archives: February 2011

Will The New John Murch Please Stand Up

It has been almost 3 years since the last redesign. Many things have changed: twitter is now a household name, my mom is on facebook, and one of the more recent changes was Yahoo killing MyBlogLog. I think MyBloglog was a genius product and could have done so much. I feel like this was the […]

Project Managers are Useless

Let me explain why. Project managers do the When and How Product managers do the What and Where And…Developers are the ones who actually build it! In many cases developers know more and have a better understanding of a business than anyone because they are coding it line by line. Product Managers are creative thinkers, […]

Building for Scale or Rebuild

I am always amazed when I hear people give estimates on building a project. They are estimates, they could be longer or shorter, but I always have to ask…when have you worked on a project that finished early? It’s just like a home mortgage, you really think a variable rate will go down? Are you […]

Surviving as a Startup Junkie

You have a lot of ideas. You try and build some, but run out of money, lose traction, or get killed by competition. Been there done that… How do you survive? B2C (Business to Consumer?) kinda.. more like Back to Consulting. I am always amazed that so many consultants always seem to have a startup […]

Staging a Startup

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time… I know a bit wrong, but hear me out. So you have an idea, but it’s big, it’s huge, it’s as complex as Facebook. How are you going to build it…. simple. One bite at a time. Start with creating and laying out some […]

Business & Government What a Mix

There are a few things about having a small business in the United States. For one, I am always amazed on day one at any job or consulting gig what documents are required and signed. My one and only official JOB that I had where I was getting healthcare benefits took me almost the entire […]

Do Your Customers Pitch You

Have you built a product so amazing and epic that your customers are innovating and asking for features that you don’t have or thought of? There are all different types of business. I have discussed about the Idea Multiplier, but do you think about all the angles your business touches on when interacting with a […]

Failure Should Be a GOOD Thing

We have all failed at something, it sucks. You try and innovate in a new way at your position offering something new and cool, but then you fail completely on delivery and under estimate what was predicted… you get fired right? Obviously your boss doesn’t see the BIG picture. The problem is in order to […]

Building a Monetization Wheel

With sites like Groupons and other flash deal sites you see these amazing discounts, up to 90%! You think, how can you possibly make money? Well the term Life Time Value (LTV) should be SCREAMING at people. Most online or even marketing people don’t get what a LTV is. This is VERY sad. OKay, so […]