Monthly Archives: April 2011

McDonald’s PLEASE Prove Me Wrong

Thinking back to all those road trips I took and getting stuck between a McD’s and a BK Lounge (aka Burger King), what do you do? A while back my buddy Bob came up to visit me in NYC after a Rallycar event. We stopped by a rest area on the NJ turnpike only to […]

Tax Day 2011

With just minutes left in this extended April 18th deadline due to a holiday falling on Saturday April 16th pushing to April 15th and causing some havoc, where are your taxes btw? Did you send in your taxes? Did you know this is a NEW thing, yes less than 100 years old! How did we […]

Become an Expert and Create Your Next Job

Thinking back on my past experiences in the working world I have started to realize that many of the jobs or tasks that I got involved in shaped what I did next. Back at the University of Vermont I worked as a TechCAT (Technology Collaborative Action Teams Program) who worked with teachers and students on […]

SEO for Excel

Ever wish you could create unique content just by double clicking? Ever have to pull out or parse content by remove part of a string like the campagin_id or some term that is within all the cells. Well it’s time to let you in on some SEO for Excel tips and tricks. Here are 3 […]

Cashflow Quadrant and You

In case you haven’t read the Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyoskai, I recommend taking a look at the post Learn to have a DRY attitude in Business. Basically an E or Employee trades hours for a salary. You have a Job or (Just Over Broke). This is something parents want you to get right? A […]

Why Agencies Suck at SEO

I still haven’t seen an agency that can do SEO well. Most agencies not only suck, but they consider SEO dead like Steve Rubel is SVP, Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, a division of Edelman – the world’s largest public relations firm. What an Epic fail! Seeing how Agencies just slap a site together […]

Unique Business Models

One thing that is always on my mind is the business models. I am always amazed at the various ways you can sell a product or service. For example, say you want to be a blogger and write content in a specific niche. You could do that whole fail-vertise (great you made $2 today!) with […]