5 Ways to Pick Yourself Up After a Major Let Down

Looking at my “failed attempts” or goal making, it seems that I am a bit behind on the ball. I always have high expectation with myself and tend to let myself down when I do not deliver. So to get started, I wanted to post up some ideas and concepts that have helped me get back on the ball and hopefully help you.

  1. Read a Book – Reading has been a great way to motivate myself and inspire others. I have recently been asked by some passion readers to post more often. I keep finding myself with only an hour of time a night after my long commute. I tried bringing my laptop and working on the train, but find that I am a better writer at night then in the morning. I know in the past I have put together a book club that has some amazing books that are inspirational. The latest book that I have read, and need to post up is. “Screw It Let’s Do It”, by Richard Brandson.
  2. Goal Setting – To get back on your feet, sometimes you need to take a step back and realign your goals. I have previously posted about the Opensource Goals Meme. I am a big fan of posting up your goals and looking at my 2008 Goals I am surprised my readers have not given up. (I too need to get on the ball, I guess I should be eating my own words.) Also if you have not created one, try making a dream board and posting it where you are most often working.
  3. Cleaning – The old saying of “cleanliness is next to godliness” is very much correct in my life. I know when I am down and not motivated, a quick clean up of my desk does the trick. I am not sure if their is some Feng Shui in my life, but when I clean I become more focus and driven.
  4. Screensucking – When you spend 14+ hours a day in front of a computer, you tend to read a lot of peoples blogs, websites, ebooks, whatever. You are basically on a uncontrollable hunt for information and keep searching for more information until you get up. Screensucking can get me motivated because I read about someone getting funded or launching an idea that I had years ago. I would suggest looking at various blogs and pin point 3 to 5 blogs that inspire you such as stories of a $100 company.
  5. Network – What better way to pick yourself up then to tell the story to a bunch of strangers who are trying to pitch you their business. When you surround yourself with passionate and motivated people, it tends to rub off. Networking events can be hit or miss, some are great and you leave with a great lead/card, where others are more of a so you do this… right. Try and focus on the person as much as possible and ask questions. People love to talk about themselves, and their is nothing better then talking to someone is who passionate about what they do, giving them feedback and letting some of that good vibe rub off on you.


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    • date August 13, 2008

    Nice post! When are you posting another blog again? Your blogs are very inspiring! Especially the ‘Take action and start doing it’ post ;)