Who is John Murch?


Hi, I am John Murch living it up in NYC. This blog is where I like to post my thought, ideas, and internet findings. If you are looking to start your business both online or offline, hopefully my blog will offer you some resources and information. If you already have your business or looking to jump start it again, hopefully you will enjoy some of my various tips/tactics. The one thing that I hope you do get from my blog is how you should be focusing on passive income and making money online, it’s all about the journey in life so start to hustle and enjoy. Take some bold aggressive action (JFDI – Just Freaking Do It) and hopefully we will both succeed together! :)

Who is the Entrepreneur known as John Murch?

John Murch is currently freelancing as a Nomad Thinking. John has built various business in the past. From a tshirt blanket business called uBlanket to a SEO rankings and tools company called SEO Drop. John is passionate about building business and making things awesome.

John enjoys traveling and has lived in over 6 different different states in the past 6 years. When he is not moving or driving, he enjoys cooking, reading, and exploring NYC. John is an alumni from the University of Vermont and tries to visit Vermont whenever he can. He loves microbrews, especially switchback :)

Since this blog launched back in 2005 (using his custom CMS) and migrated to WordPress, it has been around what John does and now more then ever focused on offering advice and teachings on how to improve various aspects of life as an entrepreneur.

Please feel free to @johnmurch, I also enjoy receiving feedback and helping out where I can.