Are eMagazines the Next big Thing?

If you have been following adii the wp rockstar and all of his blog design/ideas you may have heard of the wordpress magazine. In the blogging world where everyone is subscribing to 600+ rss feeds you may be looking for a site that brings all the content from the masses to 1 site, like techmeme or tailrank. You can spend years googling through wordpress and all the bloggers out there, but having 1 site or dare I say magazine that references what’s going on on the wordpress world would be great. You can read up on new themes/designs, plugins, tips/trickets, etc. I see blogging as a great way to get the word out there, but print is still very much important because everyone still goes to the bathroom, waiting in line for TSA, and enjoys holding that paper material while reading.

Now being a Green Thinker I would suggest going with a ereader but ALL OF THEM SUCK, BIG #@%$!

So getting back to the idea of a online or electronic magazine, do you think their is a niche market for these. A blog form that has and posts daily stories, but also creates a weekly PDF you can download/print, or even prints out a monthly version you can buy online. I know for myself I am still attracted to reading articles in magazines and physically holding the paper while I read. I can only tolerate so much pain a day while staring at a screen 17+ hours a day. Since going to college and now having a computer almost always in front of me, my vision has been taking dramatic leaps towards going blind. (For those in the eye profession, I started at a -1.75, Im at about a -5.25, in about 4 years, yet its bad)

So thinking about all this content out there and even looking at building a user submitted magazine, ($%&@ the social network part) but a site focused on content as well as provided content that you can print and bring with you. Does this interests people? Do you enjoy having instant interaction with the write and/or submitting your blog posts and getting published in a emagazine?

I know in the past many emagazines have failed, pretty badly, but I think they are trying to use technology that is NOT already adapted by millions of users. Looking at a wordpress magazine adii was discussion, he would use wordpress to syndicate the stories, and just write the content. So maybe the idea of a emagazine is just a web 1.0 style and a user submitted online/print syndication is more of dare I say web 2.75?

So I have a couple of user submitted sites that I will be launching later this week, as promised, but just keep thinking about this news aggregator site that encourages you to print their stories and offer a printed magazine version too. Obviously I would focus on a IT topic, like ruby on rails, news, or something that interests me.

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