Are you HDTV yet?

Well back in May 1, 2006 all analog television broadcast signals were suppose to stop. The FCC was suppose to sell this part of the spectrum to companies like AT&T, Verizon, and the rest, for some nice bank. This migration has not only cost media companies like NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox to upgrade, but has cost the average American to throw away their TV and get a Digital TV.

The other problem Americans are facing is which version of a TV should you get, 720p, 1080i, 1080p? What’s the difference from a plasma and a LCD? (Questions your Grandparents are probably facing). Can you even notice a difference in 1080i vs 1080p?
Anyway, the Government is now HANDING OUT MONEY to Upgrade you TV. Yes your Tax dollars are going to help poor people upgrade their TV! The Government believes that there is this “magical” $50 to $80 box that converts digital signals to analog, but it DOESN’T EXIST!

This is idea of switching to digital is already affecting some Comcast and Cable Providers, forcing users who do not have a Set Top Box, to upgrade!


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    • date March 14, 2007

    my grandparents are definately not worrying about HDTV. Me, on the other hand…nope still the same hand. I will continue to watch free tv on my 13″, 1/2 broken, old-ass tv until the cutover to all digital is made. Then I will simply not have a tv anymore. I’m all for governemnt handouts but i’m pretty sure this money would be better spent on our oh-so-successful wars, or maybe to buy a senators wife some jewelery.

    “noting that because the switch was government-mandated, as opposed to market-driven” – Why does the government care how I recieve my TV signal?