What’s Your Business Stack

When you build a web app or anything online you have some type of technology stack. This ranges widely depending on the requirements. In the past I have worked in a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Lately I have been using the MEN stack (MongoDB, Express.js and Node.js) ha! jk, well kinda. I […]

Nintendo It’s time for you to Shine

I grew up with Nintendo. I had the powerglove, the power pad and even still have a virtual boy. Nintendo dominated the gaming space for a long time and most of my childhood. With the coming of the smart phone and the launching of things like the wii u, it has practically killed Nintendo. I […]

Platforms for Startups

It seems more and more startups are actually trying to solve one problem many businesses face rather then build an empire of products from day one. If you take a look at Grasshopper Group they are actually spinning off new companies based on the concept of building tools for startups. They solved our phone problems […]