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10 Best User Experience Websites

I have been doing some research into User Experience as well as User Interface for building easy to use websites. Building a site that functions for the basic users as well as advance users is important. You want something that caters to the herd, but also the web developer user type who complains when you […]

Get Your DTV Rebate

Did get that big TV for the Super Bowl this year? Thinking about it, need to go HDTV? Well thanks to our Tax dollars, the government is giving away money. Yes, you could be eligible for up to $80 towards buying a HDTV. I find it funny that the government is pushing these “tv convert […]

Are eMagazines the Next big Thing?

If you have been following adii the wp rockstar and all of his blog design/ideas you may have heard of the wordpress magazine. In the blogging world where everyone is subscribing to 600+ rss feeds you may be looking for a site that brings all the content from the masses to 1 site, like techmeme […]

Laugh of the Day

Okay, so a bit late on this post, but what a great site. Something simple as a replace a variable with a name and add 100+ jokes to it and you got a funny website called 100 facts about. I know each day I try and find/watch something funny and enjoy it. Reading my own […]