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Becoming a Mobile Money Maker

With over a billion iPhone apps downloaded there are plenty of people cashing in on the mobile money gravy train. So the question is are you one of them? If you are an entrepner or a 4 hour work week addict like myself, then you are constantly thinking about great passive income strategies. With in […]

A New Use For Your iTV

Since everyone and their mom is hacking a iTV, I decided to post the latest in the iTV hack. You can now watch YOU TUBE on your iTV! Yes, your $299 iTV can now view the most view or popular shows on You Tube without going to a computer. The iTV is also the cheapest […]

Free Power – the upfront cost?

UPDATE: I have a dedicated blog for all my green/environment posts: check it out at For my entire life I always thought solar panels were such a great idea. Solar panels convert light into energy. During my “time” at Vermont, I meet many people what had installed solar hot water heaters or discussed projects […]

From Idea to Prototype

The problem with ideas is it takes forever and a day to build and then if you want to launch, hope you get to the market before someone has built it/sold it and offer refurbs of them. Following up my blog about the iPhone, I wanted to blog about Mophie, who make iPod accessories. The […]

Get an iPhone Today!

Don’t want to wait 6 months? If you have a windows mobile device, like a MDA, which I have. You can download the images from hanmin and setup the skin. I have not dont this yet, but hope to have time Monday. I will let you know how this goes and post some screenshots of […]

TP Dispenser

Do-it-yourself projects are always fun and exciting. Over the years I have built various DIY projects. Some of them have been simple and easy where others require a lot more time. This past week more and more projects have been poping up that have been calling my name. Today I came across a posting on […]