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Becoming a Mobile Money Maker

With over a billion iPhone apps downloaded there are plenty of people cashing in on the mobile money gravy train. So the question is are you one of them? If you are an entrepner or a 4 hour work week addict like myself, then you are constantly thinking about great passive income strategies. With in […]

Why this move to Solid State Drives

So after posting so who got high on air, I wanted to do a simple post explaining some of the technology as well as some of the “benefits” of Solid State Drives (SSD). So back in the day (like last week, or even the “cheaper model”) we used standard plater hard drives. We have this […]

So who got High on Air?

So, if you have been living in your mom’s basement or without a internet connection, Apple Released their “macbook air a 3lb laptop that has 80gb or a 64GB SSD hard drive option. It’s wick thin and is, what I think, the perfect travel the world computer. Today marks that revolution (or should) in the […]

A Disposable Laptop YOU MUST BUY!

I have always dream of having a cheap disposable computer that I could use to surf the web, bring with me no matter where I go, and if I dropped it or broke it, not be out a couple of thousand bucks! Well, at least ASUS has brought us a simple, cheap, and easy to […]

The Iron Chef of Woks

Okay, as you know I have recently moved to Arizona and had to pickup some kitchen supplies. Since I try to be a Iron Chef in my free time, I decided to go big on my pots and pans spending about $200 and save some money on silverware and plates. Well while shopping at ikea […]

iPhone is NOT for Business People

The iPhone is NOT A PHONE for BUSINESS PEOPLE, its for CONSUMERs who do not do business, or use it for business. Let me explain my most recent discovery. I had a nice short 25 minute call trying to add a FAN (Foundation Account Number) to my AT&T Wireless, Cingular at&t account I found out […]

Video of iPhone Benchmark

I decided what better way to show the speed of the edge network of an iPhone then do another youtube video. I am a bit new at this “video blogging” thing so please bear with me, yes I am a geek am not a prof news anchor (so stay classy) and let me work on […]