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Nintendo It’s time for you to Shine

I grew up with Nintendo. I had the powerglove, the power pad and even still have a virtual boy. Nintendo dominated the gaming space for a long time and most of my childhood. With the coming of the smart phone and the launching of things like the wii u, it has practically killed Nintendo. I […]

How Google is going to OWN education in 10 years.

In case you have missed the boat, Google released Chromebook. So what does this mean for education. It’s now affordable to get a student (K-12) a laptop to have with them at all times. CrunchGear is reporting a $20/month/user charge to basically lease a computer. So for a class of 200 students it would cost […]

What a Debate: Obama vs McCain

I hope everyone got a chance to checkout the debate tonight and plan to Rock The Vote in 2008. I know I was all up on twitter @jmurch and watching the Hack the Debate feed. I know I said that I would rather see people vote then to help them decide, but you just have […]

The Great Firewall of Google

While working today something was brought to my attention that is pretty scary from a company who’s moto is “Don’t be evil” also know as Google. So while doing searching on blinklist via Google, I was pointed out by a coworker that Google is filtering results in a dare I say … “evil” manner. Take […]

Cashflow Game Opens Your Financial Education

Keeping with the Passive Income theme, I figure I would push more of playing Cashflow. Playing games and role playing teachers more by being active then passive. Anyone can sit in a lecture about Neural Networks, but who understands (or pays attention) to the lecture. When playing a game, you are involved with and interacting […]

Face to Face with Tim Ferriss

Yesterday I posted how I met Tim Ferris. The past 3 days I have met and heard from some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. I attended the Joe Polish Super Conference 2007 (website is horrible, but the conference was AMAZING!). I will be posting some recaps after I take some action and GET […]

Wake the F#&$ UP Coporate America!

If you have not used or heard the word “AGILE” in the workplace, LEAVE! Seriously, and go read this. I find it AMAZING the corporate America is STILL AROUND. Look at the large companies of today GM, IBM, and (insert here) are losing or producing RECORD LOSSES! WHY! Well there are numerous reasons, but the […]

Leopard OS X Review

If you haven’t already please check out my prereview of OS X 10.5. Since Friday, I have picked up Leopard, got a FREE shirt, and started to use/play around with this new OS. So far, I can only say good things about it. I enjoy the new finder and especially enjoy spaces. I find Leopard […]