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MySubie Tour 2009

The next 15 days are going to be intense. Car events, my first Rally America event, and tons and tons of driving. Just to give you an idea of where this tour will be stopping at, take a look at the map below. What is MySubie you may wonder, well MySubie is for Subaru Enthusiasts […]

Taking More Action in Chunks

Before I dive into this post watch these videos on Brian Crack and waves. If you have not seen these videos STOP READING THIS POST AND WATCH THEM! Yes, Brian Crack is that important! To help you digest this video, let’s think about it. You have this idea, which spawns off a bunch of other […]

My top 10 WordPress MUST HAVE plugins

So while being a WordPress guru, I have started to create a list of plugins I always use when installing a new wordpress blog. I wanted to create a simple list as well as a link to them, (for my own future reference, as well as for my readers) Feedburner FeedSmith – Do you want […]

Are eMagazines the Next big Thing?

If you have been following adii the wp rockstar and all of his blog design/ideas you may have heard of the wordpress magazine. In the blogging world where everyone is subscribing to 600+ rss feeds you may be looking for a site that brings all the content from the masses to 1 site, like techmeme […]

Everyone needs a online Store

Okay, so you have a been online and maybe have a blog that a few people read (family, friends, etc) and you want to make some passive income? Blogging is great, but can only get you so far, creating a valuable product is the next step for most online business. Developing a product and/or reselling […]