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Rmagick oh how I Hate and Love you <3

Okay, so for the past 4 days I have been dealing with attachment_fu’s and all of that which we love/hate it. I started building a basic photo uploader and photo gallery, but ran into some painful headaches. I have played around with attachment_fu using Rmagick in the past, but for some strange reason I was […]


Well, I am here in sunny San Francisco for the iPhoneDevCamp. If you are attending please try and find me and say hello. I am hoping to meet some great people and learn a lot with helping to develope more cool applications with the iPhone. Oh, and just in case you missed it… Have an […]

The Aftermath of GoRuCo

GoRuCo was the largest gathering of Ruby developers on the east coast! The event was awesome and took place at Google NYC. I want to personally thank Google for letting us use the space and provide the free food/drinks/etc. The venue was amazing and had a variety of speakers. The event was liveblogged by Bryan […]

Goruco this Weekend!

Its almost here, Goruco aka Gotham Ruby Conference will be held this saturday, April 21, 2007, at the Google Office in New York City. The tickets to this event sold out pretty quickly and had a long long waiting list. I was able to get my tickets early on, since I knew when they would […]

Gotham Ruby Conference

For those who don’t know the Gotham Ruby Conference is a one day event taking place April 21st at the Google’s office in Manhattan. This event will be limited to 120 people. Tickets are $100 each. GoRuCo is a joint effort by volunteers from NYC.rb and New Haven Ruby Brigade. I have already bought my […]