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Google Revised SERP

Last week was a real game changer for anyone in the SEO business in my honest opinion. Panda 2.4 was just the start with an impact on Google Analytics along with a few languages like Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. There was a ton more to come… So let’s go back to August 15th, I was […]

SEO for Excel

Ever wish you could create unique content just by double clicking? Ever have to pull out or parse content by remove part of a string like the campagin_id or some term that is within all the cells. Well it’s time to let you in on some SEO for Excel tips and tricks. Here are 3 […]

Why every SEOer is NOT a Snake Oil Salesman

Seriously people, I HATE it when people say “oh you do search engine optimization, so you sell snake oil.” WHAT!?!?! People, creating strategies to help improve ranking of a website required both technical (html/css, maybe even a programing language to understand how to dynamically display data) and the art/science behind the understanding of search engines. […]

Basic SEO Glossary

Basic SEO Glossary Continuing my teachings to my visitors, I wanted to provide a very basic SEO glossary. This should cover just the basic (Don’t worry, I got more cool SEO stuff to show for those SEO Experts), I will be adding more as well as creating the ultimate SEO ebooks and videos soon. 301 […]

10 Simple ways to improve ranking on Google Image Search

Focus on related meta data from the header into the images alt tags and title tags. For our case, each screensaver and wallpaper has it’s own landing page. Focus the image and meta data to contain very similar information to make sure the proper keywords are picked up by the Google Spider. Note: the Google […]