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Platforms for Startups

It seems more and more startups are actually trying to solve one problem many businesses face rather then build an empire of products from day one. If you take a look at Grasshopper Group they are actually spinning off new companies based on the concept of building tools for startups. They solved our phone problems […]

Unique Business Models

One thing that is always on my mind is the business models. I am always amazed at the various ways you can sell a product or service. For example, say you want to be a blogger and write content in a specific niche. You could do that whole fail-vertise (great you made $2 today!) with […]

Three Wheels of Startups

So I have a theory that I wanted to post up and showcase. I have been following a lot of startups lately for a project that I am sad to say hasn’t launched, but soon I will JFDI. Anyway, the mega billions that are launching today or startups getting massive amount of funding seem to […]

Business & Government What a Mix

There are a few things about having a small business in the United States. For one, I am always amazed on day one at any job or consulting gig what documents are required and signed. My one and only official JOB that I had where I was getting healthcare benefits took me almost the entire […]

Do Your Customers Pitch You

Have you built a product so amazing and epic that your customers are innovating and asking for features that you don’t have or thought of? There are all different types of business. I have discussed about the Idea Multiplier, but do you think about all the angles your business touches on when interacting with a […]

Failure Should Be a GOOD Thing

We have all failed at something, it sucks. You try and innovate in a new way at your position offering something new and cool, but then you fail completely on delivery and under estimate what was predicted… you get fired right? Obviously your boss doesn’t see the BIG picture. The problem is in order to […]

Building a Monetization Wheel

With sites like Groupons and other flash deal sites you see these amazing discounts, up to 90%! You think, how can you possibly make money? Well the term Life Time Value (LTV) should be SCREAMING at people. Most online or even marketing people don’t get what a LTV is. This is VERY sad. OKay, so […]

Ideas to Company: Getting Started

So you have an idea for something, maybe not even a novel idea but you just want to generate passive income. How do you get started? Well there are many directions and most of them depend on the idea, but here are a few frameworks/sites that you should keep in mind when getting started. Initial […]

Building for Billions or Failure

I have a LOT of ideas. Way too many to actually build. Maybe that is why I get excited to see someone take that idea and build a great business around it. One that comes to mind is SimpleNoteApp. These guys solved the problem of wanting a synced document on my computer, phone, and web. […]

Creating an Ultralight Business

So you have an idea or just want to create another income stream. You could spend weeks, months, or even years planning and building your business or you could spend 1 weekend and turn that idea into something that could generate revenue. Maybe not enough revenue to retire, but some beer money for the week. […]