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Become an Expert and Create Your Next Job

Thinking back on my past experiences in the working world I have started to realize that many of the jobs or tasks that I got involved in shaped what I did next. Back at the University of Vermont I worked as a TechCAT (Technology Collaborative Action Teams Program) who worked with teachers and students on […]

Why Agencies Suck at SEO

I still haven’t seen an agency that can do SEO well. Most agencies not only suck, but they consider SEO dead like Steve Rubel is SVP, Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, a division of Edelman – the world’s largest public relations firm. What an Epic fail! Seeing how Agencies just slap a site together […]

Bucket List 2010

So it’s May 2010, how are those new years resolutions coming along? Most likely you have canceled your gym membership since you are still over weight and that diet is none existent, right? So with that, I propose a different strategy, a bucket list. I am sure you have seen the movie and maybe even […]

Getting Started with iPhone Applications

So you have that idea for an iPhone application, now what? Well if you are developer, I would suggest checking out the iPhone Dev Center and start building it, but if you are a non-geek, well where does that leave you…it’s time to outsource. Functional Requirement Document A functional requirements document is a document that […]

Ultra Light Startups

Every entrepreneur has an idea, but it’s the entrepreneur’s determination or lack their of that determines their true value, which will make them or break them. I recently posted about how ideas are a dime a dozen and how the “take action” multiplier is what makes an idea a product. I recently attended an Ultra […]

Rock the Vote this Year!

If you missed the democratic or republican national conventions, I am sorry to hear. There is so much “drama” with todays politics it’s the best comedy on television. I just can not believe what is going on. I can not way for the soon to be Shot Gun wedding possibly followed by self proclaimed “rednecks” […]

Solar Power Bike with Video

So at lunch today I had yet another craving for chinese. I had gone to grand sichuan yesterday and thought I would just call and pickup. I tried to call, but their phone number was asking for a pin and was having some service issue (strange, yea I know). Anyway, so on my walk from […]