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McDonald’s PLEASE Prove Me Wrong

Thinking back to all those road trips I took and getting stuck between a McD’s and a BK Lounge (aka Burger King), what do you do? A while back my buddy Bob came up to visit me in NYC after a Rallycar event. We stopped by a rest area on the NJ turnpike only to […]

Tax Day 2011

With just minutes left in this extended April 18th deadline due to a holiday falling on Saturday April 16th pushing to April 15th and causing some havoc, where are your taxes btw? Did you send in your taxes? Did you know this is a NEW thing, yes less than 100 years old! How did we […]

iPhone Search still haunts Microsoft

The other day I was playing around with some of the settings on my iPhone when I realized that you can have different search engines as your default search for safari. I quickly noticed that you only have 2 options: Google or Yahoo. I was a bit shocked and amazed since I have never noticed […]

Turn off the TV

If you are a fan of the Daily Show, Colbert Report, or almost any TV program, you know the writers are on strike. Well I have been trying to to TIO (Turn It Off) my TV that is, and focus on more important things. I used to find myself turning on my TV to relax […]

Where’s The Post?

Yea, I just looked at and noticed it’s been a Long, Long time, since I posted. I guess my moving to Arizona has kept me busy and offline? (Imagine that!) Well I have been meaning to post a couple of reviews of recent purchases like my prius and my aeron. I also have a […]

There Snow and then theres SNOW!

Living the past 4 years in Vermont I thought I could name at least 10 different types of snow as well as know how much you can get. Well this afternoon I got this link from a friend and was blown away, I had to blog about it.Have you ever seen so much snow?

Lunch Funny

Since I am a newsjunkie at heart and always reading some weird, funny or odd story I figured I would post up some. As many “Faithful” people know last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday the start of lent. A church in New Mexico got a bit more then a time to give up something. CNN reports […]