I think I got Wii Elbow

Well after my battle for a Wii I spent most of last night playing Wii Sport with Family. My brother managed to get a Wii early this week. We spent about 2 hours driving around to all teh Target, Walmart, Game Stop stores in the area to pickup more controllers.

My sister in law called one of the Walmarts who said they had 8 Wii controllers. We drive over, only to find that a women bought ALL OF THEM!!! WTF?!?! This Walmart also had a Wii for sale.(Almost bought another one just for the controller, but I didn’t). Who would have thought that getting a Wii would be easier then a Wii controller.

Anyway, while playing plenty of Bowling and Tennis, I started to feel my elbow hurt. We must have played over 100 games of bowling. (Wii RULES!)

This morning I begain to streech my arm and notice that I was very tense. I noticed that others have felt my pain. While I was not playing Wii Sport, I popped in RedSteel and started to play. I also notice that playing the wii requires me to stand up the entire time.
After playing a couple of rounds of boxing I can definely see how people are losing weight playing the Wii.

I know I am out of shape, but now I feel it more then ever. I guess I need to start playing more and trade my Keg in for a 6 pack!

For all those people who don’t have a Wii. GO GET ONE TODAY, its AWESOME!!!


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  2. Yo John,
    Check out our story on Wii Elbow in Episode 20 of Digital Punch TV.