I want to HIRE YOU!

So with summer in the air its that time to hire some recent college graduates. I am looking for people either for my own company Nomad Thinking, LLC or for other collaborative projects with another client. I am looking for recent college grads or someone who has graduated college and has had enough of the 7×7 cube life with a “world’s greatest boss” coffee mug s/he carries around. Dropped out of college? Even better! Maybe your looking for the next big thing and want to take a chance and do something that might change the world, or at least I think it will.

I am looking for web developers (PHP,XHTML,CSS,AJAX,Ruby on Rails,etc) but someone who enjoys working with computers and WANTS to learn how to code is more then welcome to contact me! Please click the contact link at the top of the page and fill out the form. Please attach any URL of a person blog,wiki,website you built and an email.

Feel free to send this link around to all your Geek like friends! I am looking forward from hearing from you!


    • author antics
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    • date May 25, 2007

    i bet if you publish your phone number you’ll get a bunch of calls. As you know I am always down for projects. BEC’s flexstack is up and running now too. You’d love it – 2.5″ square, 500MHz Blackfin, 63MB RAM, 4MB flash, SD socket, uClinux, Python 2.4.3 (no ruby yet – sorry).

    • author John
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    • date May 28, 2007

    Yea, we need to get you addicted to ROR. I know your down for stuff, but I am looking for more web developers. As soon as I FINISH A PROJECT, I think we will work on another idea from one of my books.

    Hows the eink? I got a project for that, def think we should get some funding for it and JUST DO IT!