iPhone Updates/Review Part 2

With last nights video blog I got a huge response (at least for me). I check my you tube video this morning with about 207 views. I also received a bunch of questions/comments, I tried to address them in this quick video blog post. (Yes, you can login to MySPACE or Facebook. The iPhone comes with no games, but there are already some on the web, like ichess as well as other non flash games on the web.)

Please keep the comments rolling in and be sure to stop by an Apple store if you want one and pick one up. There is NO NEED to buy one on ebay for $900+. As for the people outside the US or in a state that at&t is NOT IN (like Vermont), i guess just be patient and wait? Also have seen some funny iPhone stories of some DUMB PEOPLE! ha!



  1. John, Thanks for mentioning iChess. We understand that though it works fine on Safari (Win & Mac) it has problems on the iPhone. Given we are based in Australia we can not get access to an iPhone. Are any of your readers able to help out by giving us feedback. They can contact me at fuad at morfik DOT com