Life tips for the Workaholic

Since I have been looking to take more risk, I also wanted to point out that the risk should be an educated risk. Paul over at Everday Success Tips posted some great write ups to help you take control of your busy life. End Procrastination, one of my habits!!! This post discussed Mark Foster and his book Get Everything Done and Still Have Time To Play. Now I am a HUGE fan of David Allen and his book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. Paul also has some interesting write ups on attitude and setting goals.

I know I need to set goals and will be posting up my master goal in the upcoming days. As most of my readers have noticed, I myself have been posting a lot more, one of my goals for the week. I have seen a spike in traffic since I have been posting more and plan to continue this growth. I will be changing the layout of my blog and adding some ads to pay the bills.

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