McDonald’s PLEASE Prove Me Wrong

Thinking back to all those road trips I took and getting stuck between a McD’s and a BK Lounge (aka Burger King), what do you do? A while back my buddy Bob came up to visit me in NYC after a Rallycar event. We stopped by a rest area on the NJ turnpike only to have 3 horrible choices for food: bk lounge, popeyez, or cinnabon.

We ended up grabbing a cinnabon, side note the employee couldn’t do math. I gave her 50.11 on a 8.11 item, so 42 for change but since she entered 50 and I then gave her the 11 cents after the register showed 41.89 and she looked like a deer with headlines on her. Ugh, is our school system failing us?

Ok back to the healthy food approach. Bob suggested why not have a deli, could it be that hard, or does healthy fast-food not scale? Are the margins on a bigmac versus a fresh deli sandwich that has bread, meat, cheese, and condiments that different?.

Thinking about this a bit more, Subway is considered the most healthy choice for fast food, basically a glorified deli. How can this be, seriously?!

Living in NYC you get to eat at some great food places as well as some divy types. Near where I live fun lunch spot named Switchfood is basically a gourmet deli located in Chelsea as well as a secondary location near wall street. It reminds me of Vermont sandwich company another glorified deli that can be a healthy alternative. So where does fast food and health leave you? Can healthy fast food scale? If I was going to get into the model of building a food company, outside of a Mexican chain food establishment in NYC as NYC doesn’t have good mexican food, a healthy fast-food business would be next on my list.

So with that, maybe McD’s can prove me wrong and provide healthy alternatives in the near future. America is FAT as the obesity epidemic of twinkees falling from the sky is killing us… or is it just the options of food while we travel?


  1. The problem is the turnpike itself. So you’re driving through NJ and you say “gee I’m hungry.” You keep driving and all the sudden you pass by a Chipolte. In fact, Chipolte is so close you could roll down the window and spit gum at it if you wanted too. Unfortunately there is a useless median for a “highway” that separates the “Chuckee Cheese” from “Best Buy.” You think “yeah I’ll get a light burrito.” It’s on the other-side of the median though so you look for the nearest exit….

    2 miles later….

    5 miles later….


    you finally find an exit but for a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TOWNSHIP!!!

    It would have been easier to park your car on the side of the median, pop the hood and pretend like you have car trouble. Take ten steps towards the drive through and just point at your car.