PreReview of OS X 10.5

I am VERY excited about this release and hope to cover some of these new features and maybe do another video blog or vlog at some point like I did for the iPhone. Well I watched the apple preview of 10.5 and wrote up some of my thoughts about it. What do you think is the great feature and will you buy it when it comes out?


Okay, definitely not the COOLEST feature, but pretty slick and great for us OCD computer programmers who like everything “clean”. I will be enjoying this feature as well as help organize all those downloads as well as “working web” files that I move back and forth from.

Viewing Files

Okay, I have a LOT of files, I picked up a 3TB NAS to store all those movies and pictures I take with my canon xti and my canon gl2. I am constantly searching and looking up either files I was working on last week and/or just stuff I wanted to review that I check out a couple of months ago. The view also lets me search though all those PDFs I have. I have been waiting for a pimp wifi ereader, but am VERY disappointed with what’s on the market. Maybe I should look at subcontracting a EE expert to help me (anyone?), but maybe SONY or whoever will make some REAL updates and put out a USEFUL reader. The QUICK LOOK feature is pretty pimp and I can quickly look at files without needing to open/close, just a simple click and I can search through them. I keep a lot of work/text files that I just type something and come back to it later, (I am a vi man) but this feature lets me quickly just open, view, and move on.

Time Machine

Okay, this IS the BEST FEATURE, backing up is a pain in the ass. Who wants to waste time and deal with this process, but when I lose or misplace a file, UGH! WTF? So mainly I use my 3TB for some file transfers between my mac mini and my laptop, but I also wanted a backup my macs every week or every day. Well I happen to have a couple of USB/FireWire drives laying around, so Time Machine is perfect. As for the fact that I CAN SEARCH, OMG its PIMP! As for the fact that I can scroll through the past history on the right, WOW!


I have used Desktop Manger in the past and have enjoyed it, but with expose and a 24in monitor, I am happy. I used it mainly on my 12in powerbook, case SPACE IS AT A PREMIUM with that thing. But switching between them and easily moving them around is pretty cool. I think this will help with some web development so I can have code on 1 and browser on the other, although I would like to see a screen splitter, so I can easily maximize 2 programs and have code on left, browser on right.


Okay, I use gmail a LOT and it works great, but the new Mail client is pretty sick and I also want to start backing up gmail to an offline … just in case (some days I just don’t trust google) Anyway, I find that I am CONSTANTLY making notes and want to link them to my email. There is so much more I would like to see either with gmail or any mail program. I think Mail offers a lot of this and is thinking ahead of the curve. Linking text to a todo list, is just Genius. I also love the option to link with dates. This is great for replying to emails and/or setting up reminders when I haven’t heard from a client and check back with them to see if they want to continue. The “templates” are alright, but I think I can photoshop, css, html a email myself, but I do not think my mom can, so hey whatever works. Apple is really pushing the integration of mail, calendar, and photos. Data detectors is pretty slick, I think that I need to use the address book a LOT more as well as look at writing some Coca programs that pull that data and bring it to the web.


WOW, okay I do a lot of video chatting with friends back east and/or people around the world. I mainly use it for some work as well as keeping in touch with someone like my mom. The iChat theater will be nice to send pictures of family members as well as great to use with clients to show off some presentations. Having photo booth effects is just something to laugh at while video chatting, nothing amazing, same as with the video backgrounds. (I HIGHLY suggest making a great background to use while “video interviewing”… so you don’t have to “clean up” your room). Sharing screens, can we say webex killer! Okay, I KNOW this will be GREAT for teaching/helping new OS X people and show them HOW TO DO SOMETHING. I just love this feature and can not wait to use it!


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