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Latest Projects

GuestBook.io - Wedding Planning Made Easy

Keep Track of all the details in one place

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Bucket Jobs
Easiest way to save a Job

Inspired by Mattan Griffel - A bookmarklet to help people manage their job search — the job search process sucks. Let people use a bookmarklet to track jobs they like, which they’ve applied to, and the rest.

Take it for a Spin

Status: Working MVP

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Meeting Calc - Calculate Cost of pointless Meetings

Built as part of static showdown, a hackathon using only HTML, CSS and Javascript. A funny/useful/useless calculator to showcase how expensive meetings can be when you start adding a ton of people to a meeting.

Take it for a Spin

Status: Hackathon MVP

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uBlanket - T-Shirt Blanket Startup

uBlanket was a tshirt blanket business I cofounded. You could create a beautiful custom-made memory blanket out of your old memorable shirts designed online. After ordering you would be sent a pre-paid envelope and send back all your shrits, hoodies, whatever. We would take pictures of them (front and back) and upload it to the blanket builder. You would then crop the section of the shirt you wanted and lay it out. Once complete we would physically cut the shirts and sew it all up and mail it back to you. It was a lifestyle business that was profitable but not a billion dollar company. We closed it down to focus our attention elsewhere.

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Status: Closed Startup