Refresh Phoenix Meetup

Tonight I had a great chance to listen about wonkosphere and meet some great people at the refresh phoenix meeting. It was a great presentation that covered some of the political blogosphere chaos and how wonkosphere is changing that chaos blog talk into some useful information and GRAPHS!.

The idea behind the wonkosphere goes back some years as well has contains some interesting techniques/patents for gathering information in a network structure. Currently the wonkosphere is scrapping political blogs and creating understandable graphs and information about the candidates for the 2008 election. They took the main political blogs and started going through their blogrolls and going through those blogrolls, etc. They separated some 1,200 blogs into 2 categories (Democrats and Republicans) as well as took the middle as independent. This is a very interesting approach to seeing the web presents of each candidate.

Anyway, this meetup was great and I got to meet and talk to a number of great and interesting people. I HIGHLY recommend this event if your in the Phoenix Area the first week of any month. For those who are still back in the NYC area, please check out the NY Tech Meetup.

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