SXSW Recap & Review

Recap of SXSW

Okay, so I had a huge sxsw day1 and couldn’t fully put all my thoughts, ideas, excitment, etc into a blog post since then as there was so much going on and I stayed through music, over 10 days in austin! This SXSW was really big, 10 campuses (aka 9 hotels and the Austin Convention Center). I really want to post and showcase some of the nuggets of information into a series within SXSW on my blog. So with that I want to give you the big takeaway for me this SXSW (I think it was #3 for me).

The Big Takeaway
Seth Priebatsch, founder of SCVNGR gave a kickass keynote, it was epic! We need to leverage game mechanics into our lives as well as our startups. I actually have a draft post that touches on this that I really need to post up before I dive any more deeper, but with foursquare checkins and hashable intros being the norm, it seems like you need to game your life.

More to come… promise.

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