Tax Day 2011

With just minutes left in this extended April 18th deadline due to a holiday falling on Saturday April 16th pushing to April 15th and causing some havoc, where are your taxes btw?
Did you send in your taxes? Did you know this is a NEW thing, yes less than 100 years old! How did we get there and where are we going. Tax the rich, poor, or rebel?
Take the time to read Income Taxes in The US.

I really wanted to bust out some thoughts that I had as it’s becoming very scary to be an American. 3 wars, bloated programs, high taxes, and seeing people making a living being a ass of themselves for millions of dollars (the ‘sit’, Johnny Knoxville, etc.) American Fail!

American’s need to WAKE UP.

Become a leader, make a real change today! We need to push back on our government and take them on the same way startups take on big business. I know I am going to be and pushing for some real Hope and Change (wtf Obama!) with this next election.

Tonight at Hoboken TechMeetup, I got a chance to listen to Alex Torpey a 23-year-old mayoral candidate, running for Village President in South Orange, NJ this spring! Talk about REAL CHANGE! This young up and comer is leveraging social and technology in big ways. Although I don’t live in South Orange, I am really excited to see what happens with him and how he can change politics for the better.

Hopefully I can do a mind dump tomorrow night and get more of this startup/big business government/politics comparison really going.

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