Teaching the Internets What I have Learned and Know

Thinking about how far I have come with this blog I have started to realize that what people want is answers. Either answer they have search on Google or answers in the form of daily/weekly news. So being that I have recently rebranded this blog I feel that it is time to step up to the plate and focus on blogging as much as possible. I have a ton of content in my head and need to get it out and give it back to the world. I still have not found a “niche” per say, but I am realizing that sometimes covering various topics is a niche within itself.

With the past couple of months spending various time networking and interacting with various “ungeeks” I am realizing, it is up to the know hows to educate the unknown. Think of it in terms of iPhones (insert joke here). An iPhone is a pretty awesome device by itself, but a hacked iPhone has a lot more powerful stuff. If you have a hacked iPhone, you understand and know of all the cool things you can do that the average iPhone user has no idea. If you don’t, lets start to list some of the stuff that I could used a hack iPhone for, play awesome games (Chess, checkers, sudoku w/o an internet connection), Easily Spoof your caller ID/Voice (SpoofApp), Download/Organize/Read your RSS feeds without internet, AIM, Voice Notes, SSH, etc. The knowledge of hacking an iPhone is very important because it opens the door to all these external capabilities. So it’s up to the “in the know” on educating the “not in the known”. So with that being sad, I will be focusing on topics that I found very interesting WordPress, SEO, Networking, etc and Geek Stuff, but with a beginners, intermediate, and advance philosophy. I want to make the internet simpler and will be posting up some glossarys as well as screencast videos.


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