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Bandwidth Testing on an iPhone

01 Jul 2007
Bandwidth Testing on an iPhone

So after my post about javascript and safari I received a bunch of Q and A about the Edge network. Right now at home I have FiOS (20MB down and 5 MB Up) fiber service which is amazing! Anyway, it took me a bit to find a NON FLASH bandwidth test, normally I used I found bandwidthplace to be able to run a test. With full coverage I got 120.1 kilobits per second with a 14.7 kilobits per second for storage. I was able to download 1MB file in 1.2 minutes. This speed is broadband and pretty solid. I also wanted to note that I jumped on my wifi and did see a 3MB connection, so if you have wifi, JUMP ON IT!

As for people complaining, I used to have a MDA from TMobile and it took for a while just to load IE and Google something. The iPhone passes a lot of the “problems” with mobile browsing but making it more efficent. I can have multiple webpages open at once, I have quick access to Google and keys like .com (although I suggest other keys like .html and www.). The Google Maps is built in so I do not even need to open safari, and I can also save locations which is great for quick browsing.

The main reason I am suggesting Apple did not include a GPS and/or 3G is size and cost. There are over 13,000 cities that have edge as compared to 3G which is in about 100 of the Top Markets, or major cities. The average internet use does not understand that DSL/Cable companies share their internet connection and that it varies in speeds. With fiber I have a constant pipe of speed and do not have issues when massive amount of users are on at the same time. With a GPS built in the antenna alone would take up a bit of the phone and the battery life would drop dramatically. Think about the GPS or portable navigation systems you use and how much power they consume, now imaging GPS, Edge, Display, etc it all adds up.

Back to the iPhone, the easy of searching the web has sped up my surfing abilities on a mobile device, but the actually speed to surf is still pretty fast. If I am surfing for movie tickets or looking at websites its pretty solid. Yes it is a LOT slower then your home speed, but its a MOBILE DEVICE, understand that!

With the iPhone being driven by software, we can make it simpler to enter or find websites while surfing and cache websites to “speed” up our connection. I think over the next 3 months Apple will be releasing many updates that will allow for faster browsing and hopefully one day migrate to 3G.

As for the rest of the world and what if you bring it to Japan, will it “magically” work on 3G and its just a “software update”, prolly not. I am “guessing” that Apple would not release a 3G iPhone in Europe and NOT HERE! I would guess that the rest of the world will have to suck it up just like us and wait until we get up to speed. I do not plan on making any trips over seas just yet, but if someone is overing I would be happy to contact at&t and fly to show off or test the iPhone.

As for not finding an iPhone, I was checking the website and FINALLY realized that they may have iPhone’s in stock, but they ran out of 8gb iPhones. For the $100 more to double your capacity it is WELL WORTH THE WAIT! It’s after 9am so I can NOT see how the Apple stores inventory is doing, but I will be checking it out tonight at 9PM EST.

To conclude, I find the internet speed to be reasonable considering its MOBILE and find that its the fastest mobile device to navigate the web, so the lack in speed is made up by the efficiency of browsing. (if that makes any sense?!?!) And if you find the speed to be that big of a problem, either add a tmobile or [insert wifi company here] service and jump on and use WIFI. Having WIFI setup at home and jumping on at 3MB is extremly faster, BUT it SUCKS UP A LOT OF THE BATTERY! As I said earlier, I can NOT FIND WHERE YOU CAN SEE HOW MUCH BATTERY percent% or time is left. If anyone knows, please contact me. If not PLEASE APPLE, update the battery icon so I can click it and CHOOSE which one I want displayed, just like on my macbook!

So speed is kinda slow, but you can do MUCH MORE with an iPhone then any other mobile device even though it lacks 3G, just suck it up and pick one up, you will love it!

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