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Cashflow Addict

19 Oct 2007
Cashflow Addict

Okay, so I was looking at meetup looking for a networking event for tonight and noticed theirs a cave creek cashflow meetup. Well after playing twice and getting out of the rat race once, I just wanted more! So I stopped by and meet some great people.

This game was played a bit different, because they DID NOT use money. You keep a tally of your “cash on hand”, so the game is played a bit faster due to the fact you are your own banker. I guess this could easily lead to “cheaters” but if you wanted that, you prolly wouldn’t goto these type of events and try and win.

Anyway, I went pretty far on the edge and got a VERY NICE return. I played a bit cautions at the beginning but took a HUGE risk later on. I was able to pickup some 3/2s early as well as some shares, but when I picked up stock for $1, I had to take a jump. I took 100,000 and a loan of 200,000, basically putting me -19k and change each “pay date”. I figured I would last long enough to get at least a $5 per share of stock. Well after a couple of turns and selling a 3/2 that made me 50k, I pulled a $20/share so that was $2,000,000 or rather $1.8 million after I pay my debt. Not bad for pretty early in the game, I then started to just buy property as much as I could, but I just wasn’t landing on the spots and I couldn’t “bribe” anyone. Well wouldn’t you know it I pick a big deal of Apartment Complex of $11,000 passive income and “left the rat race” with $1.3 million. After picking up my Truck Park Marker and Chicken Franchise, I landed on my dream and could “easily” pay $200,000 considering I just passed pay day and my passive income was $1,365,000. I ended the game with 3,700,140 in cash. (I need to do this in real life!)

I have learned a lot about this and have been seeing how I can leverage my credit to buy some passive income. The real estate market is a bit rocky, but hey its a perfect time to buy! So with that, maybe I will take a look at some smaller places and buy it on credit to rent it out.

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