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Face to Face with Tim Ferriss

11 Nov 2007
Face to Face with Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss and John Murch

Yesterday I posted how I met Tim Ferris. The past 3 days I have met and heard from some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. I attended the Joe Polish Super Conference 2007 (website is horrible, but the conference was AMAZING!). I will be posting some recaps after I take some action and GET THINGS DONE. I am sick of having projects that are 80% complete and before I can move on I need to FINISH and LAUNCH, so I guess I will keep you in the dark of my experience, until I can get my next venture launched.

As for the people who have NOT read his book, check out his book and my review of Tim Ferriss’s book the 4 hour work week. I also have ANOTHER GREAT OFFER for those who have or have not read his book. I will be giving away a signed copy of his book in the next few weeks. Yes, for those who have never heard of him or his ideas, concepts, or teachings, you can win a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY! I will be giving details to this exciting event tomorrow, so please stop by again and get a chance to win a autographed copy of Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Work Week. Also be sure to check out Tim’s Blog, it has some great information and always exciting to read and/or watch some of his videos.

Many of the key points he made in his 1 hour discussion and interview with Joe were in his book. Two great questions he started off were as followed:

  1. If you could never retire how would you prioritize, choose your options, and change your daily life?
  2. Is your life scalable? (for those none tech guys/girls reading this, do you have automation in place to keep tasks such as paying your bills and making money when you decided to go snowboarding for 4 months.)

Tim makes some other great points that we need to accept, not all of us will live forever, so you should GO OUT and LIVE THOSE DREAMS. He also discusses some key terms such as Target Monthly Income (TMI) that talks about how it DOES NOT take a millionaires bank account to drive or own an Enzo Ferrari.

One thing that SHOULD HIT HOME WITH READERS is that is that making more money can actually hurt your bottom line and life. For example, say you got a promotion from $90,000 to $100,000 a year, or a 10% increase, but you double your hours from 40 hours a week to 80 hours a week. You are actually LOSING MORE MONEY because YOUR HOURLY INCOME DROPPED based on money you make for time you spent. If you recalculate (not counting time off and using a 52 year week) your income based on time spent, you went from $43.26 an hour working 40 hours a week making $90,000 a year versus $24.03 an hour working 80 hour a week making $100,000 a year. So that extra $10,000 a year is COSTING YOU 40 HOURS PER WEEK IN TIME! You just received a huge pay DECREASE because you are working HARDER AND LONGER PER WEEK then before, making only a slight change in pay!

He discussed a great story of how he was working 100+ hours a week and his girlfriend at the time created this board with a picture of a business man with papers flying out using a cutout picture of Tim’s face saying, “Work stops at 5 PM”. This should hit home with people who are working like mad, (prolly busy work) and do not see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Tim mentions that you need the BALLS to say when enough is enough and this is MY TIME. You ONLY HAVE 1 Life! (besides reincarnation) Tim also shared some amazing stories and more recently discussed how he had 30 dates with 30 beautiful girls in 2 days for $300 by outsourcing the process. (Yes, you need to automate your life process) using 3 coffee shops and a team of people reviewing and replying to his personal ads.

There are plenty of other great things to say about Tim and his ideas/book, but I want to hear from the people who HAVE read his book and are implementing his practices and living their dreams! So please comment below and let me know how you are eliminating busy work as well as bad people in your life.

And don’t forget to stop by John Murch‘s blog tomorrow for details on how to win a FREE AUTOGRAPH COPY OF Tim’s Book!

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