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Failure Should be a Good Thing

02 Feb 2011
Failure Should be a Good Thing

We have all failed at something, it sucks. You try and innovate in a new way at your position offering something new and cool, but then you fail completely on delivery and under estimate what was predicted… you get fired right? Obviously your boss doesn’t see the BIG picture.

The problem is in order to learn you need to push the envelope and failure comes with innovation, just ask Edison. You learn more by failures than by success because it sticks with you. You can also test things that could lead to a big break through.

You don’t want to fail in a job, right? But in order to compete, you have to take chances. Some times you win, sometimes you lose, but you at least took a leap.

Now let’s flip it around.

Say you never fail. Say all the projects you work on are on time, under budget, and just work. Are you a god-like person who could never fail? But then by not failing are you not trying to push that envelope.

The main difference between the two is planning and knowledge. You can plan and read all about riding a bike, but you won’t have experience unless you get on that bike and ride. Same with projects, you can read case studies and build out the project, but if you are working in a field that you have no understanding or technical understand you are up a creek without a paddle. Knowledge and planning can make the difference of having a project go off without a hitch or falling on your face. So although failure comes with almost anything you do in life, if you plan and learn from your mistakes you can go far.

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