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Learn to Make Passive Income Playing a Fun Game

19 Oct 2007
Learn to Make Passive Income Playing a Fun Game

While moving out here to the Phoenix Area and hitting up tons of networking events, you start to meet some great people. Last week I attended the Alpha Cashflow Club Meetup and figured it should be a way to network and meet some business owners. Well it was a lot more then just that and a lot of FUN!

For those who have not read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki its a great book that talks work, wealth, etc and about different ways to think about money. I first saw this book when I was about 16 years old and thought it was exactly what I wanted in life. (prolly should add this to the Geek Guru Book Club)

My dreams were to build a startup company at 18, sell out by 21, and retire to a nice island as well as travel the world for the rest of my life. Well, life has changed a bit, but I still spend time (like now) thinking about passive income or for you Tim Ferriss readers, automate wealth. Anyway, Robert T. Kiyosaki created a very interesting board game called cashflow 101 ( and others). This game basically reflects life in a sense, you start with a job, a salary, and expenses. Your goal is to get out of the “rat race” by bringing more passive income (Money you make not working) then expenses (cost of living), or better known as automated wealth.

The Alpha Cashflow Club Meetup is a place where you can play this game with other like minded people and enjoy learning and playing the game. Each new thing you learn you SHOULD hopefully use in your OWN life.

Tonight was a great night, it was the second time I play the game (Cashflow 101) and I was the first one out of the rat race at my table. The first time I played I was a bit afraid I was messing something up or not playing correct because theirs a lot of math,writing, and room full of people playing the game.

Anyway, Last week when I played, I was pretty pissed that I did not get out of the rat race before the time ended. I remember not sleeping that well that night thinking of various ways to MAKE MONEY quickly as well as leverage my credit to drive my passive income higher then my expenses. Well I thought about a couple of ways as well as learned a few more, hopefully I can bring those ideas/concepts to my OWN LIFE.

I know I have been very outspooken about making passive income and have left the cube life for a chance to try and see if I can try and make it through building websites. It’s weird talking to people about passive income and hearing how people tell me that I should “get a job” and/or give up on this “fantasy dream”. I guess some people are just so focused into “their” world that they do not see the BIG PICTURE. Passive income is something that you can archive and even in small amounts is a good step in the right direction.
For example, this blog you are reading right now has been slowly but surely bringing income in each month. I try to blog a much as I can but some times I just do not have the time, but with passive income from my blog, I see each entry or article post as a investment. This is an interesting concept because I am trading my 30 minutes or 1 hour to type up a blog post and hope that I can get some return on this investment. This is also a great strategy because there is a small entry to barier (writting the blog post) and then the costs is almost nothing, but the potential return can be HUGE due to the fact ANYONE can find it on the web and read it! Think about it, I have been blogging since December 2, 2006 and people hit my site from Google and other places on the web all the time. Some people visit my blog when I am sleeping or working another job! This is a form of passive income, so YES you can do it!

Okay, now for a reality check, you are not John Chow (at least not yet…) who just made $20,512.17 last month! But hey, every penny counts and this is just one simple way to help make some passive income!

To sum up, I find it hard to spread the word about passive income, I think the easiest way is to suggest them reading a Great Book rather then argue about the fact that if you save $2,000 each month from when your 20 to 30, you will have over $1 million dollars when you retire! So if your in the Phoenix Area next Thursday, stop by the Alpha Cashflow Club Meetup and play cashflow 101.

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