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Wake the f*up Corporate America

09 Nov 2007
Wake the f*up Corporate America

If you have not used or heard the word “AGILE” in the workplace, LEAVE! Seriously, and go read this. I find it AMAZING the corporate America is STILL AROUND. Look at the large companies of today GM, IBM, and (insert here) are losing or producing RECORD LOSSES! WHY! Well there are numerous reasons, but the fact is AMERICA IS DYING! Every Empire falls, and we are heading towards it (THANK BUSH!). Our US dollar is LESS THEN THE CANADIAN, we are half of the British Pound, and even worse, our Stocks are droping. We need to WAKE UP and Take Charge, NOT STAY THE F#&$ing COURSE!

If you don’t believe me, maybe some books will help.

On this RANT (sorry) about what is happening, lets take a look at the Technology Sector. Apple only has about 8% of the market, yet 50 to 90 percent of college students and start ups are running on OS X. After posting some reviews I just CANNOT understand WHY most COMPANIES HAVEN’T SWITCHED. (okay maybe thats a bit bold of me) I am serious though, OS X offers an amazing backup system in place, screen sharing, video conferencing, Spaces, etc. We as America need to start RETHINKING our game plan and look at how China or India has gone from this 3rd world country to selling every child’s toy to the US!

So where does “Agile” fit into this game plan, well if your a Ruby Developer you know things change and you need to build things fast. Using Agile methods you can go from talking about something to having a working prototype, in a couple of minutes, hours, or weeks for LARGE projects. Being agile you break up projects into week or daily tasks by creating, testing, and continuing. Direction and/or Technology changes that FAST, you need to be ready for scaling a system from 10 users to 100,000 in a day. Working in corporate America I learned a lot and one thing that just BLOWs my mind is that their is NO system for positive/negative feedback that AFFECTS what your DOING!

Think about every project you worked on, during the project things changed, did someone suggest something and ACTION took place? Action is a powerful and hard to do verb. Attending the Get Motivated Seminar last week and talking about ACTION and how making that first step is what needs to get done. I know that I have been struggling with Action and/or completion of a Project due to either lack of resources or passion. Well hopefully you can get MOTIVATED and take Action.

So America, wake up and lets take action, look at getting involved either with the school system, your community, or even politically. You could even take action at work by doing some of the simplest things, try bringing in donuts and see how people react and if this increases productivity.

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