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What's your Business Stack

08 Aug 2013
What's your Business Stack

When you build a web app or anything online you have some type of technology stack. This ranges widely depending on the requirements. In the past I have worked in a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Lately I have been using the MEN stack (MongoDB, Express.js and Node.js) ha! jk, well kinda. I have barely +1 my AngularJS skills to make it a MEAN stack, but hopefully soon I will.

Anyway, I have been interested in business stacks. What is a business stack?

A business stack doesn’t just cover the technology tools but all the tools that a company uses.

When you are a marketer, you have a TON of tools from analytics to marketing. Here is a quick list of some of the most common tools I use everyday.

Google Anlaytics
Adobe Marketing Cloud

But when you’re in HR, what office tools do you use for managing resumes, hires, benefits, etc.? For asset management both digital and physical, what do you use to track all of it? When you’re a developer, what tools do you use to view/edit/check in code? When you’re in UX, what tools do you use to build wireframes and test them? Get the picture?

It’s all part of a Business Stack. I stumbled on to Sign With Envoy and Get A Room which solves the visitor badges/sign in and booking a meeting room. When you are a growing startup, you most likely hit a point where you need tools like this and are growing fast, so you just want to buy and NOT try and build them (unless you want a new startup).

I have been thinking about common problems and tools for startups and when they need them and how/why they go with some. For example, I highly recommend, having used, GrassHopper not only as an 800 number for my business but also to allow for easy forwarding from one cofounder’s cell phone to another (you know, in case customers call, ha!). I also have used things like 15Five which can save hours and allow you to keep pulse of a team. From managing tasks to checklists, Trello is a MUST. Now what do devops or helpdesk/techsupport use or tools use to image computers, add emails to accounts, or even create an email address for a new hire. I want to know!

I would love to hear your business stack list, but also wondering what other problems/business solutions (startups?) that can solve some of your problems you are dealing with within your space.

For example, managing time off for employees/employers I came across BambooHR which has a ton of HR tools, but I also wonder if sometimes you want to choose your own rather than go with a LARGE solution. I know some times you just want one of those features/apps and not all of them. It seems most startups/business don’t play well with others, although they do mention an open API.

At some point companies have to make decisions or find X solution for Y problem and then figure out which one. It would be nice to have a list of what startups are using for this business stack and why. Take something like BestVendor and match it up with startups. I mean there is even a startup app for managing rewards for employees but did you know about it? Now that you do, are you planning to use them?

Business Stacks are just tools with a business, but there could always be more right? I wonder if a hackathon could exists where big business post up problems they want solved and hackers could build it and confirm them as a client at the event based on build. Just a thought.

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